john o’grouts, northern scotland

stanley park, vancouver, canada

north shore of maui, hawaii

the big island, hawaii

queen street, toronto, canada

the big island, hawaii

valley of fire, nevada

san francisco

los angeles, california

maui, hawaii

the big island, hawaii

toronto, canada

santa clara island, cuba

picton, ontario, canada

on the road in scotland

niagara, canada

las vegas, nevada

las vegas, nevada

dahai hotel, tokyo, japan

edinburgh, scotland

northern ontario, canada

hyatt hotel, los angeles, california

toronto, canada

me, vancouver, canada

These images are from various places I’ve either seen or been. I’ve used a camera in one form or another since about the age of 10. This webpage is a large one however you can easily move around it using your mouse, trackball or the sliders at the side and bottom of this page. I’m of the opinion that the pictures we’re all taking these days are going to have a much shorter lifespan than the ones of generations ago. All digital images are stored on computers and they will eventually be lost due to equipment failure. Although we now have the ability to share them with the world thanks to the internet so many not. I would encourage everyone to keep backups of files which you dare not lose, especially pictures, they are one of the best connections we have with our past. Enjoy.

northern scotland

glasgow, scotland

beaches, toronto, canada

erin, ontario

centre island, toronto

akin cinder mine, california

ocad, toronto, canada

washington, dc

county fair, ontario, canada

key west, florida

santa monica, california

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santa monica pier, california

the eye of debbie, toronto, canada

toronto, canada

toronto, canada