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This body of work shows visually the huge changes in technology as the years tick by. From simple editing equipment, shooting only to film and very early 3D animation tools to where we all find ourselves today. These days very fast desktop computers are available to the masses and so are the software tools to create amazing images. They used to say knowing how to use your equipment was 5 percent of the job. The other 95 percent was pure imagination and creativity. Today it’s more like 25 to 75. Most of the software tools are very complex, they can take many months even years to fully grasp and for many it’s a full time profession. You can’t possibly know it all. This collection of demo reels spans many years. Starting with the latest and working down to the earliest. I do have more recent works which are mainly time-lapse demo reels, bits of these will be posted to my website. You can find more information about Time-lapse by clicking the link at the top of this page. Please note the copyright © at the bottom of this page and others. Respect it.

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This demo was edited in July 1998 give or take.  Some of these images garnered 4 Emmy Awards, three technical awards and one graphic award.

Omnibus Computer Graphics 1986Omnibus_Demo_1986.htmlOmnibus_Demo_1986.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

During the mid eighties Omnibus Computer Graphics based in Toronto, Canada was on the leading edge of computer animation. This demo highlights the work being done by it’s three offices, the main one in Toronto, another in New York and the third in LA.

This is the latest commercial demo reel even at 4 years of age which I have cut. What can I say, my focus has shifted. Anyway this demo has some very interesting visuals.